Mobile revolution & health | Yohans Wodaje & Elias Schulze | TEDxAddisSalon

Mobile revolution & health | Yohans Wodaje & Elias Schulze | TEDxAddisSalon

Doctor visits are expensive, but medical apps are here to change that significantly in the near future. Some of the changes are already happening right now. Basically, it’s now possible for your smartphone to replace an in-person doctor consultation, and your virtual appointment—with a real doctor, though—can be cheaper than some real-life doctor visits.

According to the Economist, the average cost of someone staying the night in a hospital is $4,300. Suppose for a second that there was a medical app that efficiently tracked conditions in a person’s body that would alert the user that his health was deteriorating…well before it got so bad that he needed to go to the hospital. The savings, therefore, would be quite substantial, to the tune of $4,300 a year.

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